The Kiln and Dryer Experts of South Dakota

O'Connor Kiln & Dryer specializes in rotary kiln and dryer maintenance, as well as all other types of drums. We combine the most recent technological tools and machinery with our experienced employees to give you a top-quality professional job at a very competitive price.

Our Services

Construction and Fabrication

We have the ability, equipment, and tools that are necessary to make the proper repairs to ensure that your rotary unit is running as efficiently as it possibly can. We have done all types of construction on kilns, dryers, conditioners, and all other rotary drums. Above all, we are dedicated to giving you quality workmanship with timely completion of your project using honest work ethics. From shell section replacement to new equipment installation, we have trained employees with the experience needed for this type of work.



Most problems with rotary equipment stem from the drum being misaligned. When it is not set to the right slope or is not paralleled, problems may occur. When we align a drum, first we review the drawings to determine the design slope and locations of the tires, trunnion rollers, and complete unit. We measure the diameters of the tires and trunnion rollers. Then our crew will use a Non-Reflective Total Station Instrument that measures angles and distances (Electronic Distances Measuring) to perform the following alignment procedures:


Grinding and Resurfacing

Over time, wear problems are bound to occur with your rotary equipment. Uneven wear on the tire and trunnion may cause vibration, chattering, and poor efficiency. When the tire and trunnion surfaces show severe wear, action should be taken to correct the problem. Lack of maintenance could result in serious damage and downtime to your rotary drum. The damage could go beyond just the tire and trunnion and result in serious damage and downtime to your rotary drum.